March 1, 2007

Don't Kick Them While They Are Down!

A few years ago I was watching a stand up comic on television. It dawned on me how of American humor is based on cutting someone down. Someone's failure or trouble becomes fodder for every comic in America.

Over the past few weeks we have seen the death of Anna Nicole Smith and the apparent melt-down of Britney Spears. Instead of compassion we make comedy. Instead of caring for those who are hurting, we somehow make ourselves feel better because, "I am not that bad!"

Craig Ferguson has video on Youtube that everyone should watch. I know this is a bit long (12 minutes), but it is worth it. It is interesting that it takes the people in the audience awhile to get that he is not meaning to make jokes about Britney and the people who are hurting.


  1. Wow. That was tremendous. Though I have never watched his show and probably don't understand the context, the response of the audience was interesting — they were looking for the punchline, the laughter sounded a bit tentative at times, and maybe some were a bit uncomfortable.

    I always appreciate people who can laugh at themselves and I found him honest and endearing when he spoke of his own struggles.

  2. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

    I was blown away by the honesty and the realization that all the "jokes" were about real, live, hurting human beings with families.

    I too noticed the audience reaction.

  3. The audience made me uncomfortable. Not Craig. Our society so wants to just gloss over our issues, add the punch line, and not deal. I've had so many people tell me "lighten up, you are too intense!"... too intense? I'm talking life and death here... it IS intense. There is no punchline here... we are programmed to think that we will get to Heaven, there will be a rim shot and God will declare it all a joke.

    It's not. Making fun of hurting people is wrong, and it is something that has upset me for years. Thanks for blogging about it Eric.

  4. Enjoyed reading your blog, Thanks ;)

  5. I really like that guys personality; maybe its the accent. I appreciated his raw honesty about his own struggles and waking up in his own urine as well as his thoughts on suicide. If only we as followers of Christ were as open as he was in bringing out our dirt.

  6. Hey Eric,

    Thanks for finding this and posting it. It is a rare moment of honesty in the late night talk show format. Ferguson is normally quite funny and crude. I pray that it sticks for him.

    You are right, everyone should watch this. We far too often compare ourselves to others in defining our own levels of success in life.