February 27, 2007

The Word

This past Sunday night I led a Bible study on the Gospel of John. There were lots of opinions and a very lively discussion.

One of the principles that stood out to me was the concept of the Word (Logos) of God. Check out John 1:1-18.

John is making a very definite statement that not only was the Word from the very beginning, but the Word was with God and is God himself. The phrase "In the beginning..." would remind John's readers of the first line of the Hebrew Bible and bring to mind the process of God creating the universe.

The concept of the Word or Logos is really an expression of God revealing (making himself known) to humanity. God was made known through His Word when He created the world. He made himself known by His Word in the Ten Commandments (Ten Words). He made himself known by giving His Words to the prophets. Now, in the ultimate example of self-revelation, we have Jesus. John declares, "no one has ever seen God, but God, the One and Only...has made him known."

There are so many controversies and various points of view. There was some interesting discussion on my blog about one of those points of view (see here and here). There are also some who think they are discrediting the Christian faith by their new discoveries.

God desires to reveal himself to His creation, to make himself known to us, and He has done so perfectly in Jesus.

I really believe Jesus is the rock that people bash themselves against. People are divided over what to do with Jesus. We have to answer the question, "What do I do with Jesus?" Is He a mere man? A subordinate demi-god? A spiritual guru of sorts? Was He resurrected? Marry Mary? or Have children? Or, is He the Son of God made flesh; the very presence of God in our midst? Is He, as Hebrews 1 says, "The exact representation of God"?

For the Gospel writer, Jesus was the very revelation of God. Jesus was God made flesh, the Messiah. Those who believe (place their trust in who He is as a person) in Jesus are given life.

What do you do with Jesus?

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