February 14, 2007

Hell Has Frozen Over

Who knew this would ever happen? We just felt like the time (money) was right. We want to do this for the fans (money). There has never been a better time (money) for this to happen.

Whatever brought them back...it is a good thing to see...


  1. I'm still shuttering over Sting's attempt at that stringed thing he played badly....

    But it's good to see them again....

  2. I was excited until I found out what song they played. I hate "Roxanne" with every fiber of my being!! And it's sad to see he really doesn't sing it any better. :P I'd love to see them do "Wrapped Around Your Finger" again though. That video was one of the coolest on MTV when I was a kid!

  3. To be honest, I like anything they do. I just don't want to pay $225 to see them!