February 22, 2007


I have been a Biblesoft user for a VERY long time. I bought my first version while I was in college, and have continued to purchase the updates and expansions as they have become available. I liked it because it was fairly inexpensive (especially compared to Logos), and was a very good program.

About three months ago, I received notification about a new version with some great resources. Because I was a "Valued Customer" I was receiving a special offer that allowed me to purchase the program before they released it to the public. After talking my wife into it, I purchased it a couple days after Christmas.

What they didn't tell me was that the only level of the version available, and that the version I purchased would not be available until NOW! But they didn't tell me this until I called them. They also have not been very forthcoming with the updates. They said that an e-mail would be sent once they began shipping, but I didn't know they were shipping until my bank account had been charged.

I am installing the program now, so it will a bit before I know whether the wait was worth it!


  1. I have been using Esword... (free) with a few bought modules... I've since found the Sword project... but now that I have my trusty tungsten palm back... I found Olive Tree for that... a bunch of free translations, a few nice free reads... but you pay for the good stuff (like NASB, and Scofield notes, etc...) but you can buy pieces (what I do) or you can buy killer packages.... and it has a desktop thing too so you get palm and desktop use...

    I'll have to check out biblesoft and Logos... I've heard of them both... but I'm cheap... LOL

  2. I was using Accordance for Mac, but Logos had set a release date so I sold my Accordance software knowing I wouldn't get much for it once Logos hit. I figured I could live 3 months without software. Needless to say the original release date for Logos for Mac was almost a year ago, and I'm still without software, and they have no idea when they'll be done. >:-(

  3. I am not sure how the math works out when you compare Logos and Biblesoft. Last time I looked Logos was way cheaper than Biblesoft.

    Biblesoft's top library is $500 for 53 books - about $10 per book.

    Logos' top library as $1380 for 700 books. That's less than $2 per book!

  4. Anonymous,

    Maybe in the long run it is cheaper at $2 per book, but as you said, startup and the resources I needed were cheaper. I also started very early...so I only paid about $200 for the first installment.

    Thanks for stopping by. Next time leave a name.