January 8, 2007

Some Web Tools and Resources

I am a tinkerer and like to visit unique sites. I also like unique web tools!

Here are a few I have discovered (from various other people) that I really like:

Pandora- a streaming music resource that gives you music based on a band or song title choice.

Musicovery- a streaming music resource that lets you choose music based on tempo and mood.

Joe's Goals- a goal tracking resource. (I can put a check in "Blog" column)

Zamzar- a free, online file conversion utility.

The Gimp- a photo editing program with similar functionality to photoshop (opensource).

Says-It- create fun signs and pictures.

Joomla- while I haven't used this yet, it is a great web software. (Thanks Eric!)

- an online collaboration tool.

Doodle- create polls and minimize scheduling conflicts.

Google- I love Google! I use Gmail, Docs and Spreadsheets, Calendar, Reader, Analytics, and Notebook.

I guess that is enough of the link dumping. I just thought I would share some of the things that have caught my interest over the past few months.


  1. What are you doing tonight? Anything special. Reading a book? Praying? Catching up on some sermons? You should probably fast from TV all week! Nothing on anyway!

  2. I should have fasted from TV after that game!

  3. I missed the Michigan/USC game and after I did I was glad. I would hate to be experiencing what you are right now having actually watched the game where my team got the smack put down on em'.