January 29, 2007

Saints Gone Wild

This article got me thinking about the pedestal on which we often place our leaders. (I have had similar thoughts.)

I grew up in a denomination that prided itself on having "Fourth Generation" adherents. I heard one leader, whom I still respect, refer to someone as being suspect as a "churchman." I later discovered the person they were speaking of had a conversion experience that brought them into the church from an unchurched background, and they were a "First Generation" person. They didn't have the heritage to lead, I guess.

I knew where this put me. I am practically a first generation everything...college...master's degree...pastor...staying married...being a father to my child...the list could go on. Because I was "saved out of the world" I figured I would always be suspect. My lack of heritage would always leave some asking, "Is he really committed?"

We live in a world that expects our leaders to have ALWAYS lived some fantasy, squeaky clean life. See for example here or here. Yet, we know better when we look at our own lives. The message we send? There is no room for failure.

I just find it interesting that we often forget that those we respect are actually human!

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