January 30, 2007

A Quote to Ponder

"Ask the grandparents in your church: how many of you would lay down your life for your grandchildren? Every grandparent will raise their hand. Then ask them: how many of you would lay down your musical preferences for your grandchildren?"
Len Sweet (via: Mark Batterson)

What do you think about the quote?


  1. I'd be intersted to see the response to that. I used to go to a church that played the music loud, and was not the typical fare of the older generation. However, there was a guy in his 70s that had said something to the pastor one time. He said, "I don't like the volume of the music, and I don't particularaly care for the style, but it is such an encouragement to see so many young people living for God, that I'm willing to put up with it." I know there will come a day when I won't care as much for the new style of worship music, and my preference will be for the oldies but goodies. That's why I try to remember how things are now, so that when I do grow in age (and hopefully wisdom) I will be able to not only lay down my preference, but also engage God in a new-style.

  2. oooo..... that's good!

    That brings out some character issues doesn't it?