January 10, 2007

Communication Errors

If you have ever opened your mouth and spoken, chances are you have been misunderstood or have miscommunicated. Tim Stevens has a great post about communication errors.

He lists 6 Common Communication Errors (go to his blog for the explanation):
  1. Say too little.
  2. Say too much.
  3. Talk to the wrong people.
  4. Lose sight of emotional impact.
  5. Forget to sequence.
  6. Rush the process.
In communication, I always seem to err on the side of simplicity (see here and here). Too often we complicate the message with all the latest frills. How many times has a sermon's message been ruined by those few extra minutes that push the person over the edge of their focus? How many times has your communication error come from your desire to say "one last thing"? How many designs have been ruined by adding one more element or too much text? "Less is always more" as the saying goes.

I also think this is a good post over at Bad Language.

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