January 27, 2007

Church is Making Waves...in the Sheets

Church by the Glades is making a lot waves with their new three part mini-series on sex. Read the article here. They are not the first to do this type of series. Granger Community Church in South Bend, Indiana did it a while back.

The pastor said: ''We have a society that seems to assume that Hugh Hefner or Larry Flynt invented sex, and that's the problem. It's part of God's design. And he wants you to have great sex.''

Reaction is diverse:

''That's not what church is supposed to represent,'' said David Lino, 19, of Davie. ``It's kind of shocking.''
''A church put that up?'' Larry Pasco, 52, a Cooper City firefighter, asked while looking up at the billboard Friday from outside a restaurant. ``Really?''

What do you think? Too risque? Or, does is it about time the church started talking about sex in a God honoring way?


  1. It's about time the church starting talking about sex in a God honoring way. And I'm glad to see churches doing it. And I absolutely agree with the pastor.

  2. I seriously applaud them. The silence of the church concerning so many issues has appalled me for so long. God wasn't silent. Why should we be? We want people to be whole? Speak truth into thier lives partnered with Grace...

    We need leaders willing to hear the heart of God on issues and speak out on them. Unwaivering. Unabashedly.

    God didn't mince words. Why should we?

  3. A lot of people don't have a problem with them talking about sex, they feel the "marketing" is too much or inappropriate.

    What do you think? Are they overstepping or they being edgy in order to get people's attention?

  4. Honestly after really looking at all of the sites, marketing, etc. I think they did this pretty tastefully. They could have went the way of shock value, which of course would have filled the seats, but they didn't. There was nothing that I could see as scandalous in the advertising.

    I think marketing is very necessary in this day and age of technology. I love marketing, I love effective uses of it, and have seen what positive "branding" and marketing can do for a church or ministry. I think it is our responsibility to use every tool we are given to advance the kingdom. If Satan is using it to advance his... I bet there is something to it, and is there a way to redeem it back to God?

    If this got thier attention, then I'd say they got the intended effect.

    Edgy is good.

    Imagine what this would do in Huber... a billboard off I-70....

  5. Oh, and one thing... if this were MY church... I would definitely be on my face in prayer before I did something like this. The thing is, if I ever did start a church or ministry, I wouldn't ever want to not be willing to push a few buttons. Jesus pushed buttons. I would just want to make sure that God had called my church specifically to do this. Stuff like this could be detrimental to a body of believers if they are not like-minded with leadership you know?