January 2, 2007

Bemus Point, New York

This weekend I visited the Bemus Point United Methodist Church in Upstate New York. I was staying in Westfield visiting some friends, and this is where they go to church.

I was pleasantly surprised at the service. Their idea of contemporary worship was actually contemporary. Even the more liturigcally oriented songs were fun; one had a very Celtic beat with a great violin player. Doug Kibbe, the Associate Pastor, preached a very good sermon on being patient and waiting on God's timing. It was very well delivered, funny, and memorable in a simple way.

The church is growing. (My friend said it is the only church of that style in the area.) I think this caused the only downside to the whole visit. They are growing and their systems and facilities are not keeping up. There were a lot of people, the hallways were too small for people to pass, and the cookie and coffee area was not large enough to allow people to actually talk and relax. They had no greeters (except people distributing bulletins), but everyone was friendly enough.

I had a great experience. It could have been different if I were visiting without my friends, but I loved the service.

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