December 7, 2006

Making the Jump

A few weeks ago I met Eric at a church planter's conference in Indianapolis. He described how Jackson, Michigan needed a church, how the church out to be an organic church developed in small groups, and how it ought to have a Vineyard philosophy of ministry. He described a vision for the church with the passion only a church planter has. He wasn't sure if church planting was his thing...BUT here he is making the leap!!!!

Keep Eric in your prayers as he begins this rough but rewarding journey we call church planting.


  1. Thanks for the encouragement, and the offer stands on my end if your looking for someone to intercede. I have been already, so I don't think it's an option for you not to anyhow.

  2. I take all the prayer I can get. I also believe that church planters need to stick to together for encouragement and prayer. One of the mistakes I made last plant was allowing myself to be isolated from other people going through the same things (there was an atmosphere of competition in my last denomination that didn't help).