November 26, 2006

Waiting for the Next Loser

The Buckeyes have a few weeks of waiting to see who will be leaving the field as the loser of the national championship while the Buckeyes raise the trophy in victory. USC, Michigan (it would be nice to beat them twice in one year!), or Florida...Doesn't matter! With one loss, none of them really deserve to be there anyway!


  1. Wow. And I thought I had cornered the market on pride!!! laugh. Well, I suppose you do have rights to brag. One question - why doesnt Ohio State ahve to play for a conference championship like so many other conferences?

  2. Ohio State plays as many games as if they had played a championship. I don't know why the Big Ten doesn't have a playoff. Usually, though, the Big Ten Championship is decided by the Ohio State-Michigan game.

    I figured this season was worth a little more swagger!