November 11, 2006

Church Planting For Dummies: Day 2

Jim Bricker gave a great session last night. Jim and his wife planted the Vineyard Community Church in Greenwood, Indiana.

The Heart and Soul of a Church Planter: Seven Characteristics of a Church Planter

1. They have had a significant encounter with Jesus. This counter convinces them that Jesus is for everybody.

2. They have a consuming call of God on their life. They know they are called to serve God and often feel like then could not get away from it without great harm.

3. They are passionate about people. They fall in love with the people in their community, and are concerned about them even when no one else see a reason to be.

4. They are visionaries. They see things that other people don't. This creates a tension between great excitement at what could be and great frustrations at how things really are.

5. They overcome odds. Church planters never have enough of what it takes. There is never enough time, money, resources, and the church planter is never fully "qualified" to do what they are doing.

6. They are able to see potential in people. Not only do they love the people, but they are able to see their potential, and they desire to bring that potential out.

7. They don't see failure as final. Failure is a stepping stone to the future, and they are able to help others get past their failures.

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  1. Okay that purely scares me.

    Okay I'm a woman. *whew* I'm safe... um... oh no....

    I'm not.


    Okay so where do I put the list of ministries I'd kill to start?