November 8, 2006

Church Hop

If you are in the Cincinnati area or you want some insight into how "outsiders" view the church, you really need to check out this blog: Church Hopping.

I posted a comment on the blog, and got a response. I also spoke with Erica via e-mail.

Many times people have an ax to grind or something, but Erica and Brad don't seem to have that. I plan to keep reading their journey. I have recommended CincyVineyard. And, if I had my church up and running would love to have them visit.

I am learning a lot. Several things to note: services that are too long, not receiving a follow-up letter (personal and handwritten seem to be more noticed), good music, avoiding hot button issues or at least (I think) presenting a fair appraisal of other views, and solid preaching are some of the things that have received the highest marks of appreciation. Overly friendly and unfriendly (no duh!) are instant turn-offs.

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  1. Hey-- Thanks so much for blogging us! Kind of meta, no? :) I'm glad you've enjoyed reading it... feel free to drop me a line again some time!