November 16, 2006

8 People Who Have Influenced My Theology

Theologically speaking, I am a mixed bag. There have been numerous influences, and I am the better for it. Here are some people, in no particular order, who have greatly influenced my theology:

My daughter. In the few short minutes following her birth, I realized more about the love of God for me than in any theology class I had ever taken. (The picture if from a couple years doesn't seem possible that it goes that fast!)

Dr. David Cubie. Dr. Cubie was one of my theology professors in college, and he challenged me with his theological understanding of John Wesley. He made me more Wesleyan and Christian than Nazarene (when I was with that denomination).

John Wesley
. I have been continually challenged by his commitment to solid theology, social concern, ecclesiastical organization, and holiness.

Dallas Willard. Through his writing I have regained a proper understanding of holiness and the pursuit of God.

Richard Foster
. His book The Celebration of Discipline while not directly changing my theology did so by pushing me to make the pursuit of God priority over everything else. That, indirectly, changed my theology.

Brian McLaren. His commitment to missional Christianity and ability to question without losing faith challenges me. He asked questions I had harbored.

Steve Sjogren and Doug Roe. These two guys, one through his writing and the other through a personal relationship, have reiterated the power of serving others and the need to love others as part of the Gospel. This is another "indirect" change in my theology. Through the practice of service others, I have been changed.

Who are your influences?

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  1. Doug Roe- incredible insite, teaching and personally lived out in front of me. His life is his testimony and he knows people are watching. When I think of an old testament rabbi and how a younger person took up that rabbi's yoke, I think of Doug. I want to take up his yoke.

    Dave Hess- my old senior pastor from years ago. Even though some of the things that happened in my church years back (this church has been majorly redeemed in years recent) the basic teaching was sound. Incredible speaker, probably one of the best speakers I've ever personally known. I still listen to his podcasts.

    Marc Dupont-reading his stuff recently has laid a new foundation for things in my life that were askew. Being taught by this man has fortified those foundations and given me insite on things I never knew before. He lives out the fathers love and I'm gradually starting to grasp that because of it.

    John Paul Jackson- I had questions about things, and he had the answers, biblically sound and well thought out and explained. I have a few books on my wishlist of his.

    Graham Cooke- very insiteful and down to earth, he tells the truth like it is and nails you with it. I am amazed at his insite at times.

    Steve Sjogren- his blogs and sites challenge my thinking from my past. Always an interesting read.

    Steve Bowen- recently putting up his SE stuff on his blog has been a treat. I keep sending pastors to his site. I've become alot more evangelistically minded because of Him.

    Paul E. Little - "Know why you believe" and "Know what you believe"... required reading in bible school. I don't totally agree with everything here but reading them gave me great insite and challenged me to figure out what I really believed.

    John Wimber- reading the Wimber letters has given me great joy and insite into the movement I'm in now. This man heard God. Period. His words speak to the things I've heard in my heart before I knew there was a Vineyard.