October 10, 2006

Women in Ministry

I got two comments on yesterday's post about being in church leadership. Anyone who knows me, knows that I believe woman can pastor a church if they are qualified and God has called them do it.
But, like the original blogger who posted the article says in a follow-up post, this passage was taken from The Message and thus goes back to Paul writing to Timothy. The language was and is masculine in the biblical text.

However, I don't think that in any way disqualifies its application to women. I can read the book of Ruth and and Esther and other stories of women from the Bible and learn a great deal from them.

Does that get me off the hook Shawna and Ronni?


  1. You know I was just picking on you... and yes I know your heart on this matter... ;)

    I understand the historical significance of that...

    Personally... I don't want to pastor a church. If God called me to that, I'd do it but I'm hoping that I can fly under the radar there... that is a responsibility I feel is better suited to a man. Associate Pastor... maybe... in 20 years... and a lot more fire... ;)

    Besides, there is something freeing about being under accountability. Just my preference.

  2. Dude I was just giving you a hard time. It has been awhile since we saw each other, huh? ;)

  3. I knew you were both kidding. I just took the opportunity to address the issue.