October 16, 2006

What Would They Put in Your Coffin?

There is an interesting line in the movie Castaway. Tom Hanks has escaped the island, and is seated on an airplane with a friend. They are talking about how life has moved on in the four years since the plane went down. The friend says, "We had a funeral with a coffin and everything!" Tom Hanks's character says, "A coffin? What was in it?" The friend said that they put a pager (because Tom's character always carried a pager), and several other things that represented his life.

When I was in Junior High, I had to take part in that activity that Adam and Eve probably had to do (shortly after eating from the tree)--I had to write out the epitaph for our headstone. This is probably a similar activity.

After watching Castaway, I got to thinking about what they would put in my coffin. I haven't really come to any conclusions. I don't know what people would put in my coffin, or even what they would say about me.

What do you think they would put in your coffin?


  1. My bible, pictures of my loved ones, my guitar, my paintbrushes.

    I just want my headstone to read "she Loved" and it to be fully true.

  2. I know I can't "take it with me". But I would hope someone would throw in a soccer ball, a pizza, a laptop computer, my ipod, and my treo650 - it has a Bible on it.

    And on my tombstone I want them to write something like "move along, there is nothing to see here".

    I hope to leave enough cash behind for people to have a really cool party in my honor instead of a sad depressing wake. And I want people to say "Tony. That guy knew how to throw a party!"

    It would be great if they all thought my life counted for Christ. That would be the best obviously.