October 6, 2006


My first tag.

The words I am supposed to respond to are: Cataclysmic- Tempting- Focus- Joy

Cataclysmic-At this moment in history, I would have to point to all the tragedy in the world. But out of that tragedy, we are seeing a wonderful example of God's ability to help people forgive.

Tempting-I think the greatest temptations, in need of overcoming, are the ones that deal with internal attitudes and thoughts.

Focus- What?

Joy-Serving. I get joy from giving things to people. I love to watch the person open the gift. That gives me joy.

1 comment:

  1. aaahhhh... the ADD strikes again! LOLOL

    Now you get to tag someone if you want! :)

    Serving is a blast! Tomorrow should be fun... ;)