October 9, 2006

Church Leadership

Todd at Monday Morning Insights has a good article about Church Leadership. The list is based off Eugene Peterson's paraphrase of 1 Timothy 3.

A leader must be...

1. well-thought-of
Are there people in your church right now that you need to clear the air with? Are there people you are trying to lead who don't think well of you? How can you make it right this week?

2. committed to his wife
How close is your relationship? Sure, you may feel totally committed to your wife, but does she know that? Do whatever you need to this week to make your spouse feel vibrant and a useful part of your ministry.

3. cool and collected
Have you blown your temper lately? Have you held a grudge? Again... is there someone you're trying to lead who you are ticked at? Pray for God's help to stay cool and collected even under pressure.

4. accessible
Is your office door open or closed right now? Are you accessible to your staff? to your church? to other pastors in your community? to those who oppose you?

5. hospitable
Are you friendly? Do people feel comfortable around you? How long has it been since you've opened your home to new people?

6. he must know what he's talking about
Are you well-researched? Do you really know what you're talking about, or do you do a good job 'snowing' people?

7. not be overfond of wine
Is this a temptation of yours? If so, watch out.

8. not pushy but gentle
Are you a leader or a manipulator? Are you motivational or abusive?

9. not thin-skinned
Are you sitting around this morning consumed by bad comments from yesterday? Think about the positive things that were accomplished yesterday. Truth be told, many more people were ministered to in a postive way than were upset about something that went wrong.

10. not money-hungry
Are you consumed and motivated by money?

11. handle his own affairs well
What personal affairs are in shambles? Take some time to do your best to get your personal affairs in good shape today so you can concentrate on ministry.

12. attentive to his own children and having their respect
Don't place your ministry over family. Spend some time with your kids today. Quality and Quanity.

13. must not be a new believer
Not much you can do here... hopefully you can check this one off your list!

14. outsiders must think well of him
What does your community think about you? Who cares, you ask? Evidently, it's important... because Paul stuck it in here. Make a list of things you could do to help people in your community have a good impression of you!

To the Over fond of Wine I would think of more than just wine. Are you over-fond of anything apart from God and His kingdom?


  1. How about committed to their spouse? If I had a wife there would be an issue. LOL

    Just picking...

    The open door got me... I grew up in churches where you had to get past all the secretaries and assistants to be betrothed with the presence of a pastor. It was annoying. Heck even now, I used to be good friends with my old pastors, and now trying to get ahold of them at all is impossible. I was in town to visit, wanted to take them out to dinner, could never touch base. Rediculous.

  2. What Ronni said. I don't think my hubby would be happy if I had a wife too. :)