September 19, 2006

Why Go to Church?

How many times have we heard someone say, "I can worship God from my home or in the woods as well or better than I can in church"?

Take this quote from Dallas Willards' book The Great Omission: “Spiritual formation simply cannot go forward as it is intended by God unless the individual is incorporated in a body of believers where he or she can receive the benefit of the gifts that others have” (Pg. 116).


  1. Thanks for the encouragement and prayer. You are the man! I have an idea I am chewing on. I will send you and email shortly to see what you think and if you want in on it.

  2. That is generally a cop out in my opinion. I know for me it meant "I'm too hurt to deal with others right now and instead of dealing with my issues, I'd rather sit in my pit of depression..."

    All it did, was drive me deeper into my pit of despair.

    Yes, God can move anywhere... but He is a God of relationships, and the most healing I've ever done was while holding the hand or being gently touched by another one of His children walking out in obedience and love.

    THAT is why He wants us to fellowship together.