September 1, 2006


Seth Godin writes a challenging parable (?) concerning compromise. This should be serious consideration for every church, pastor, and Christian. Compromise is a personal and communal thing. In order to understand compromise we must first know what we are about and compromise on offering the best "product" we can. Every Christian and church must ask if he/she/they are really attempting to live up to all that Christ has called them to be. It is a process of "working out our own salvation."

Seth Godin's Blog

"Once you start compromising, when do you stop?

If your goal is to be remarkable, please understand that the easiest way to do that is to compromise less, not more. And no, this wasn't a post about breakfast. "

1 comment:

  1. Ooooooo good one!

    So now I don't feel so bad about only buying my baguettes from Panera... they are really the only ones that get it right!

    If that bread is worth the extra mile for me (I'm picky), then isn't what Christ called me to do worth it?

    Man, if I got Kroger baguettes, I might as well eat processed cheese instead of the real stuff too! UGH.