September 12, 2006

Church Planter Recommended Reading

Here is a list of recommended reading for church planters.

It is interesting to see how the type of community the person pastors is affected by the what they have read. You are formed by what you read. It goes back to the biblical principle that what you focus your mind on will be part of who you are.

I find it interesting that most of the books listed are from a theological/philosophical perspective and most have very little to do with the "practics" of starting a church. (Reminds me a lot of what happens in seminary!) It is Guy Kawasaki's list that points to the practics of starting something new.

Let me add a few books on practics the church planter should read :

Conspiracy of Kindness and The Perfectly Imprerfect Church by Steve Sjogren (
The 7 Practices of Effective Ministry and Communicating for a Change by Andy Stanley (This points to philosophy as well as practics).
The Five Dysfunctions of a Team and The Four Obsessions of a CEO by Patrick Lencioni
No Perfect People Allowed by John Burke (I have not finished this book, yet, but it promises to be a very good book.)

Thanks to JR Woodward

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  1. Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell
    No more Christian Nice Guy by Paul Coughlin.

    Two of my favs. If you want to borrow them say the word. :)

    If you have anything you think I should read, throw it at me.. ;)