September 13, 2006

Boomer Religiosity

There is an interesting article in Newsweek: Boomers, Religion and the Meaning of Life.

Here are a few quotes:

"Americans who came of age in the 1960s were the first generation born in the shadow of the atom bomb; just awakening each morning was something to be thankful for. But they were also the first generation born into mass affluence, for whom material sustenance and comfort were a given, a situation that breeds spiritual hunger."

"Prayer and faith began to seem like awfully old-fashioned paths to revelation, compared with chanting and peyote. A generation raised on television looked to its celebrities for religious inspiration."

"And the boomers wrought another, subtler shift on American religion, turning it from a preoccupation with salvation in the next life to fulfillment in this one."

"Churches now accommodate boomers' demand for autonomy and freedom of choice, says Roof, a phenomenon otherwise known as 'niche marketing—you know, motorcyclists for Jesus.' He believes that's one of the forces behind the emergence of megachurches—the mall-like institutions that offer a cafeteria of worship options, with services elaborately scored for guitars and keyboard, plus complete lifestyle services, from gyms to food courts and childbirth classes. 'Megachurches define this as the way they want to be religious,' says Roof, adding: 'Boomers love options.'"

The article continually points to the "seeker" nature of the Boomer generation. They are a generation that is seeking something.

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