August 19, 2006

Why am I a Christian?

Here is a great article. I will let it speak for itself (though I have included only part of it).

Under the Acacias: My Story: Why am I a Christian?: "So why am I still a Christian? Well, probably for three main reasons:

Firstly, Jesus. I still find the life and teaching of Jesus unmatched. His compassion for the weak, his grace towards sinners, his hatred of injustice and religious pomposity, his offer of forgiveness for all, his teaching on love, and his call to sacrificially follow him to find God's kingdom are still captivating after all these years. I am persuaded that the story of his life, his death for our sin, and his resurrection is basically the way it is told in the Bible, and that both inspires and challenges me.

Secondly, my own experience since knowing Christ. The things I have seen happen in my own life, the changes in my own heart, and the inexplicable answers to prayer, I can't explain away.

And thirdly, his followers. We are all 'works in progress.' Accusations can justly be made against many who call themselves Christian. But I have discovered among those who seriously attach themselves to Christ, a love and grace that I have not seen anywhere else.

So there you go. I recommend Jesus. I don't necessarily recommend all that is done or taught in his name. I don't necessarily recommend you agree with everything the churches might say or do. But I do recommend Jesus. His call to leave the empty rubbish of self-gratification and follow him comes with the promise of forgiveness, with the possibility of freedom from destructive habits, and the with the challenge to change the world."


  1. Hi Eric
    I'm humbled you should link to this. May the Lord help us to follow him!