August 26, 2006

Where is the Love?

I was not going to post about this, but I caved.

Mark Driscoll is the pastor of a large church in Seattle. He is a strong voice in favor of Reformed theology. He is doing a lot of good work in planting churches through the A29 network.

But the Bible tells us that that what comes out of a person reflects what is deep inside. I understand the need to maintain proper doctrine. I understand the desire to preserve the Truth of Jesus Christ and to warn our brothers and sisters in Christ who seem to be moving away from the path.

But come on Mark! Is this really the way? Inflammatory words and derogatory name-calling? The same people who look up to Mark would also down Falwell and Robertson for some of their statements.

How is this language an example of "love your neighbor as yourself"? How is this an example of "bless those who curse you, do good to those who hurt you"? We should be an example of GRACE and Truth. This may have some Truth, but there is absolutely NO Grace.

I am sure Mark is a nice guy, but I just don't get it.

Father, Son, Spirit . . . or . . . Rock, Paper, Scissors | TheResurgence: "The One God has kindly told us who He is—Father, Son, and Spirit. But some chicks and some chickified dudes with limp wrists and minors in “womyn’s studies” are not happy because two persons of the Trinity have a dude-ish ring."


  1. I had some friends that were big Reformed Theo types. Theo Heads I called em. Seems they are missing the big picture of love when they ridicule our brother's and sister's who are a bit off base with their theology. I am not sure if I am reformed theo or not..I am surely not interested in learning more about a guy who speaks about others in such a judgemental, non Jesus like way.

    Love em like Jesus loves em. Speak truth tempered with love.

  2. Well you have to admit he has nerve.

    I found it amusing at first but pretty hurtful second. Wow.

    Yeah, it's truth, and unfortunately it sounds like something I'd written a while back. Sad thing is, it was during my "foot in mouth" phase that I'm not entirely grown out of.

    And personally, my vote is Father, Savior, and Holy Spirit.