August 23, 2006

Snakes on a Plane in 3D

Sometimes you have to wonder what goes through a person's mind to pull something like this!

Rattlers freed in "Snakes on a Plane" theater prank: "Life imitating art is all very well. Unless, that is, it's a movie about deadly snakes on the rampage."


  1. Apparently a stiff breeze.

    So much for my "clowns in the office" prank.


  2. Clowns don't bite people with poisonous venom! They are just creepy when peering out at you from a storm drain.

  3. Storm drain?

    They were behind the sofa in the conference room... everyone knows that...

    oh... there is one in the first office on the right too...


  4. Storm drain...sewer drain...Have you ever seen Stephen King's "IT"?

  5. Oh. Nope, I have to stay away from certain movies... horror flicks etc will bother me for weeks. Heck I can walk into a room and feel it if there is a horror movie on.

    Something tells me I'm not missing much. ;)