August 30, 2006


What is the role of satire and humor for those seeking to follow God?

Many have read Mark Driscoll's comments on Mainline Churches, Presbyterians, and Brian McLaren. There are many other blogs that think Mark Driscoll's use of "humor and satire" are admirable. They laud him for his wit and his ability to make light of "bad theology" (read any theology that is not Reformed Calvinism!).

What is the role of satire and humor for those seeking to follow God? How do we balance satire and humor with God's command to "love your neighbor as yourself"?

Is it possible to have humor, wit, and satire without devalueing the person?

I find is appalling that so many bloggers, many of them pastors, would applaud such behavior. Only those who are arogant enough to think they are absolutely right in their theology and practice...I guess, to use the words of someone rather important, "Let him who is without sin cast the first stone."

I know that I am not perfect in my theology, my practice, my love for others, my use of satire, wit, and humor, but I hope I have the humility to recognize that and not judge others too harshly. Even now, as I critique Mark Driscoll and others, I recognize that God is using them, but I still wrestle internally with why we bite and beat up on our own. Critique their theology, their practice, but resorting to name-calling devalues the person.

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