August 10, 2006

My Acting Debut!

A month or so ago, I was invited to be part of a new project by Steve Sjogren and Dave Ping. I think is going to be a great book and a great resource for the Church. I got to be part of the promo video, but scheduling conflicts kept me from taking part in the larger video shoot. I was very dissapointed, but it was still fun.


  1. THREE of the handsomest leadership people in the world.... So I'm biased.... GO ERIC, STEVE, WILL!!!


    Very good.

    Eric you rock. ;)

    The jury is still out on the hair. (KIDDING! I secretly love the hair)... LOL

  2. ooo wait that was Greggs wife too! 4 from Dayton! (am I missing anymore?)

    Yup we rock! LOL