August 7, 2006


It is irresponsible to respond to an issue, a book, a movie, or a person's theology or sermon without attempting to understand what they ACTUALLY say. I have seen several posts and been involved in an e-mail discussion concerning Rev. Greg Boyd's take on the church's role in politics. Woodland Hills Church - 2004 Sermon Archive
(The first sermon of the series is "Taking America Back for God?" on April 18).

Whether you agree or disagree with someone, you have a responsibility to understand where the person is coming from and what they are actually saying. This means putting what you believe and what you want to say on the back burner until you understand them.

If you are unwilling to actually listen and understand a person, please refrain from interacting with the rest of the world. As Christians, one aspect of loving our neighbor means that we respect those we speak with and listen to them. I agree with Stephen Covey, "seek first to understand before being understood."


  1. Sounds like you and Randy are having it out... warning, he might be small but well... he is Randy. :)

    Nah seriously he posts a well thought out response on his blog yesterday...

  2. Ronni - you are seriously overcooking this. I think you need to watch some wrasslin' to relieve the pressure. :)

  3. Wrasslin? You think I'm from the podunk hills of OhiYO? Naw... I'm just harrassing ya. I'm a big fan of Eric's and I'm just picking on you... something tells me you can take it... ;)

    Overcookin' ? Bah... Just enjoying watching lively discussion ensue.

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