August 22, 2006

Hive Mind and the Lowest Common Denominator

This article addresses a question many are wrestling with concerning church leadership.

here is a mentality that says lead as a group. This is in contention with the pastor as CEO model that many perceive to be a dictatorship of sorts.

I think team is a good metaphor, but with a coach or someone making the decisions and focusing the direction.

Here is the article, what do you think?

Levy: Poking a Stick Into The 'Hive Mind' - Newsweek Steven Levy - "Lanier's widely circulated online rant was the equivalent of poking a stick into a beehive—or, more specifically, the much-celebrated 'hive mind' of the modern Internet. Books like James Surowiecki's 'The Wisdom of Crowds' and Kevin Kelly's 'Out of Control' have provided a philosophical underpinning for the idea that the world benefits when people participate in unpredictable, emergent enterprises. Google's search engine uses the linking behavior of the entire Web to determine the relevance of search queries. The open-source movement believes that the bottom-up method of software development is more effective than when elite designers dictate what code should be written.

But the output of such efforts, says Lanier, is often a mundane reflection of the lowest common denominator, an inevitable consequence, he writes, of the 'stupid and boring' hive mind. Not surprisingly, the targets of his criticism are crying foul."

1 comment:

  1. Hrm. Interesting. I can understand that in "hives" those who aren't comfortable with who they are truly will seek to conform. So a hive mentality could be detrimental to them.

    Now to those who are stronger over all, it could seek to be an interesting place for them to bounce ideas off of people. A thinktank type of venue.

    I personally like your "coach" metaphor myself. I think its the healthiest, teaches biblical leadership styles. People need to know someone is in charge... and be willing to submit. For some reason that has become a bad word in our society. Submission. It's not bad to submit to leadership when you realize that it is truly freeing to have someone over you.

    Just my thoughts... ;)