August 3, 2006

Fastest Growing...Really?

I found this article from Outreach Magazine through Monday Morning Insights.

I did some checking, though, and found that according to official denominational records two of the churches on the list did not make as big of gains as the list claims they made.

Where do they get these numbers?

More importantly, how should we as a church REALLY look at the numbers game?

top100_2006.pdf (application/pdf Object)

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  1. Hrm. Some of those numbers are highly suspectible. What about normal attrition? I wonder how they consider that against the influx of new people. Are they members?

    I think there should be multiple numbers kept... montly attendance, keep track of how many people are removed from mailing lists, or membership. Keep track of salvations, and new members. Healthy people settle down in a church and get involved, so look at involvement. I don't think numbers can even give you a glimpse on the spiritual health of a church.