August 8, 2006

All Due Respect

Yesterday I posted about those who have attacked Rev. Greg Boyd's stance on the role of the Church in regards to politics. I did not include a link to one of bloggers because he was only one of many that I had read.

However, I did comment on his blog, and he was very humble in his response. He listened to Rev. Boyd's message. He still does not agree with Rev. Boyd, but at least he gave him a fairly good hearing.

We don't have to agree with each other, but we do owe it to our Christian brothers and sisters to understand where they are coming from. I am a regular reader of Randy's blog, and appreciate his humility in taking the time to listen. Finally, someone with an opinion who is willing to give the other side a fair listen.

Thanks Randy.

stuff i think: In the interest of fairness...: "
In the interest of fairness, I downloaded the audio that Eric referred to and listened to it last night, albeit in 3 sections, while working on benefit dinner programs, and before drifting off to sleep. Dr. Boyd probably deserves more attention than that, but I doubt he listens to my sermons front to back either. I'm just saying I didn't have the time to sit down with a notebook and jot down thougths as he taught. Nevertheless, I observed the following:"

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