August 10, 2006

45 Hours a Week

Tony Morgan is blogging his synopsis of the Leadership Summit. Here are his notes from Andy Stanley's session. Andy has a lot of good stuff to say.

tony morgan | one of the simply strategic guys: Leadership Summit [Andy Stanley]: "God, I don't have time to build a ministry and take care of my family. I'll give you 45 hours per week as a church planter. If you can build a church on 45 hours, I'm your guy. I'll let you build has big a church as you can with that 45 hours, and I'll be satisfied with that. But I'm not going to cheat my family."


  1. Awesome! It's hard when you realize that in ministry your friends become your ministry, your friends come out of your minstry but your main minstry is your family.

    Unless your like me and don't have a family really... then I guess my cut off would be 60 hours.. LOL ;)

  2. You have a family! Your husband is your family.

  3. Yeah but he works 60+ hours a week! LOL So I never see him anyhow... and that is a "couple"... family involves kiddos. ;)

  4. Is 45 hours/week possible for any pastor?

    Hey dude--you spelled my last name wrong. It's Atteberry. :)

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