July 29, 2006

Women in Ministry

This is a good article on the role of women in ministry. NT Wright offers great insight into various biblical texts concerning women; especially in Paul. He maintains male and female equality in redemption, but also reminds us that we are different in abilities and role. This difference, however, does not keep women from serving in a ministerial role.

"Part of the problem, particularly in the United States, is that cultures become so polarized that it is often assumed that if you tick one box you’re going to tick a dozen other boxes down the same side of the page – without realising that the page itself is highly arbitrary and culture-bound. We have to claim the freedom, in Christ and in our various cultures, to name and call issues one by one with wisdom and clarity, without assuming that a decision on one point commits us to a decision on others. I suspect, in fact, that part of the presenting problem which has generated CBE is precisely the assumption among many American evangelicals that you have to buy an entire package or you’re being disloyal..."

Women in Service (application/pdf Object)

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  1. Oh now see you knew I'd have to comment on this... *G*

    Have you ever read Kenneth Hagin's "The Woman Question" ? Another interesting point of view...

    Mine is pretty simple. I don't believe that women should run church's. Period. I do believe however that women can lead ministries under church headings. I look at someone like Joyce Meyers and see an incredible anointing on her. I don't see her headship outright but I'm guessing (purely guessing) that she has one. I pray she has one.

    Women can lead ministries, like mentoring, prayer, worship, hospitality, and so many others. The problem comes when a woman is put in a place of authority over a man. Granted in some circumstances it is fully merited. I've been a manager and had men under my leadership. That is one thing... but spiritual leadership is another. It would be fine to have a woman in hospitality manage a man in service in that but not to pastor him. That is where people get things mixed up. Leading a person in an act of service is one thing. Pastoring is quite another. I wish I had a female pastor over me, I think that is something women need desperately, because men look at things completely differently.

    I know I've exasperated my male leadership a time or twelve purely because I think so many things through and they tend to see it more black and white than I do.

    As for the comment that you have to buy and entire package... my husband and I had this discussion just the other day. Why can't I be a Christian, be against abortion, but for ecological concerns? If I line myself up with the environmentalists, am I turning my back on my brethern who are hunters, drillers, and loggers? Why do we keep pigeon-holing each other? My opinions on so many different issues vary greatly and at times I know I can't share what I believe because my evangelical counterparts might gasp.

    I guess that makes me disloyal? I don't think so.