July 6, 2006

Preaching 4-Finding Your Voice pt. 2

After reading my last post on preaching, some might say, "Yeah, but my voice isn't all that good!" You may be right. Your preaching may not be all that good.

If your preaching isn't all that good here are some ideas:

1. Don't preach. Find a ministry that allows you to minister without preaching. Maybe God didn't intend for you to be a preacher. Maybe your skills are best served somewhere else in the kingdom. Too many good ministers have been trapped by all the expectations of a small church to do everything imaginable.

2. Don't worry. There are plenty of not-so-good preachers in the world. You are not the first person to pastor a church who could preach like [insert name]. Do the best you can with what God has given you. God doesn't always call the best preachers to make the most impact. Moses couldn't speak, but he could lead.

3. Keep improving. I don't think that a person can go from mediocre to great, but I do think we can all improve. There seems to be some hint of ability from the start that grows and develops. You may need some impartial listener to evaluate you. (In a later post, I will give a layout for evaluating sermons.)

4. Be Honest. Have you ever watched an episode of American Idol and wondered, "Can that person even hear themselves?" The answer is "no." The same thing is also true of preachers. We cannot hear ourselves. And all the accolades or criticisms are only half-right. We are not as good as most people say we are and we are not as bad as the rest say we are. But we do need to be honest about our preaching; realistic. Evaluations and video-taping are great ways to get a grasp of your preaching. Add to those a written manuscript and you have some very important tools for being honest about your preaching.

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