July 11, 2006

Looking for Leaders

This is a good article on the changes going on in leadership. I fall somewhere in between. I think that Leadership is influence. There is a statement in the article where a pastor says, "Do something, then write the book." I agree. We have too many people writing books who have never really done anything; it is all philosophical head-knowledge. Leadership is more than position.

Here is a good article on leadership in the postmodern world by Brian McLaren.

Looking for Leaders - LeadershipJournal.net: "Last December, Time magazine featured its 'Persons of the Year' for 2005: Bill and Melinda Gates, and Bono. One man heads a multi-billion-dollar business that impacts the global economy, and is now using a portion of those profits to impact the fields of education and healthcare through his charitable foundation. The other man is a rock star who is using his personal influence and platform to raise awareness of the AIDS epidemic in Africa, the need for debt relief, and to challenge individuals toward greater personal social action.

Gates typifies the Boomer mindset: build a powerful organization, then use it for positive impact. Bono, on the other hand, exemplifies more of a Gen-X approach: leverage personal influence to spur others toward 'love and good deeds.' But no matter the definition, both men are leaders, and both are having an impact. Is it unrealistic to assume that there is also room for both styles in the Church?"

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  1. Not only is there room for both types but both are necessary as not everyone is influenced by the same types of people.

    Just like we shouldn't box God in, we shouldn't box in His children. ;)