July 1, 2006

Is It Really A Win?

It is a shame to see the Tour De France reduced to a witch hunt for druggies. Doping is a beast created by the very sport trying to eliminate it. Only the youngest, fastest, and strongest survive, and if someone else is doping, then everyone else feels they have to dope in order to keep up.


With the top contenders out, if they are proven innocent, then the winner this year hasn't really won anything worth having. How could it be considered a win if you haven't really competed against the best? Yeah, you have won the race against the tour, the domstiques, and a few good riders, but you haven't won against the best of the best.

Someone might say, "Yeah, but it is not their fault that the person didn't show up for the race." That's true, but they still have not faced down the best of the best and beat them. A few years ago Jan Ullrich was asked about winning the Tour after Lance retired, and, while he wanted to win the Tour, said that it wouldn't mean as much if he wasn't beating Lance in the process. That is true sportsmanship.

Contenders Ullrich, Basso barred from Tour de France


  1. Isn't everything reduced to something meaningless nowadays anyway? No victory or fame really means anything anymore.

    --Jen G.

  2. After Lance... its pointless. It's like playing football with no opponent. *sigh*