July 12, 2006

Consumerism and the Church

Skye Jethani writes an interesting article.

I guess the question for me is "How is the church supposed to respond in a consumeristic society?"

We recognize that people live life as consumers. We recognize that people church shop to find the church that is "right" for them (even the best of us do it). This tendency may not be the right way to do things, but the reality is that this is the reality.

So, the church has two choices. Either it is completely counter-culture and gives its message to empty seats and deaf ears, or it attempts to live out the true message of Jesus recognizing that people are consumeristic and, through growth, lead them down the road to true discipleship.

I tend to think that this article pines for the way things ought to be rather than deal with the way things really are.

LeadershipJournal.net - From Christ's Church to iChurch: "As a result, choosing a church today isn't merely about finding a community to learn and live out the Christian faith. It's about 'church shopping' to find the congregation that best expresses my identity. This drives Christian leaders to differentiate their church by providing more of the features and services people want.

After all, in a consumer culture the customer, not Christ, is king."

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  1. What ever happened to Him moving US? Anymore its repackage it into a smarmy package that fits us perfectly. Where is the growth in that?

    I want God to move me. If I'm too comfortable, I'm sleeping.