July 7, 2006

Almost Speechless

This article infuriates me! I can't even put it into words without saying something I shouldn't or being uncharitable. I respect Mark Driscoll as a man called by God, but I think he too often opens his mouth when it would be better kept closed.

From interviews and his rants, I find the last sentence laughable.

It must feel really good to be so sure of yourself.

Men Are from Mars Hill - Christianity Today Magazine: "The two hot theologies today are Reformed and emerging. Reformed theology offers certainty, with a masculine God who names our sin, crushes Jesus on the Cross for it, and sends us to hell if we fail to repent. Emerging theology offers obscurity, with a neutered God who would not say an unkind word to us, did not crush Jesus for our sins, and would not send anyone to hell. I came to Reformed theology by preaching through books of the Bible such as Exodus, Romans, John, and Revelation, along with continually repenting of my sin. I am, however, a boxers, not briefs, Reformed guy. I am pretty laid back about it and not uptight and tidy like many Reformed guys."

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  1. Worthy post! I, too, posted on this comment. He does seem to have a bit of a problem thinking before he speaks!

    Keep up the good work!

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