July 19, 2006

Airing Dirty Laundry

Here is a good reminder, especially since I posted about Mark Driscoll, that we should not air our dirty laundry to the world. I also think we should focus on ourselves, and the not the failings of others (I think there is something in the Bible about this????).

church plant my eye: Emerging/Reforming/Missional

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  1. I'm personally sick of the arguing you know? I used to read so many "Godblogs" but I just got tired of the finger pointing and the arguing. Instead I decided to focus on the one thing, the one person that is worth it.. Jesus. I see the emergent church as something necessary, but also needing reins. If we water it down too much, the gospel looses its message and we fall too closely to those who miss the narrow path. We need to show that if we choose the narrow path, it is all or nothing. It is not lukewarm, when its convenient, and fitting into societal norms. It's quite inconvenient, stretching, and painful at times, but so worth it. I'm scared by what I see in some churches and ministries and I see a few teaching how glorious salvation is and nothing else, when Jesus clearly showed us it isn't all about salvation. *sigh* I'm scared for the thousands sitting in pews thinking they are okay, that they go to church on sunday and have said a rote prayer, so they are okay. I'm afraid they may walk up to God and have Him say "but I don't know you!"... I'm scared for those around me who are lukewarm.

    So what does that make me? I'm not emergent really... I'm not reformed I don't think...