June 21, 2006


This is more than the state I live in (which is usually "confusion").

A few years ago I was "diagnosed" with Adult ADD. Mine is probably a pretty mild case compared to some. Simply knowing I had it helped me overcome a good portion of it. I guess that happens quite often because the person realizes that it can be fixed, handled, and, more importantly, that they are not crazy or doomed to live that way forever.

One of the principles that has helped is the OHIO principle.

O nly
H andle
I t
O nce

Anything that comes your way, if it can be handled immediately, do it. This way the "little" things are not left floating around. If you cannot handle it immediately, designate a time during which you can.

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  1. oh geesh... share this with Martin PLEASE! I'm about 99% sure he has ADD and anymore it just means I do EVERYTHING because he outright gets NOTHING done alot of the time... get up... go to work.. come home... sleep. All the little stuff I need him to do... nada... the two unrepaired cars leaving us with one car between us... UGH.