June 2, 2006

Off His Rocker?

Does anyone else think that James Dobson has lost his mind? (Or, better yet, never had it!)

A few months ago, Dobson threatened a political official with campaigning against him if he didn't change his stance on certain issues. I think the Religious Right has left the path. I am tired of being Evangelical and saying, "But I am not like them!"


The Global Fund is an organization that helps treat and educate poor nations about the AIDS epidemic. Dobson and his cronies are now criticizing this group because a portion of the funding offered by this group supplies condoms for prostitutes and clean needles for addicts.

Rift Opens Among Evangelicals on AIDS Funding - Christianity Today Magazine: "A five-page letter addressed to lawmakers criticizes the Global Fund's board of directors, its spending habits, and its 'social marketing' of condoms 'to the near exclusion of abstinence and faithfulness.' The letter is signed by Dobson and representatives from 29 other conservative organizations, such as Shepherd Smith of the Institute for Youth Development and former presidential candidate Gary Bauer of American Values."

I understand the desire to spread a message of "abstinence and faithfulness," but what in the mean time? What if the prostitutes and drug users rejects the message? Are we then supposed to let return to the streets to spread the AIDS virus; especially in poor nations?

I think my reaction against Dobson is that I believe this letter criticizing the Fund will quickly turn into a campaign against it if Dobson does not get his way. And if Dobson gets his way, the AIDS epidemic, in places like Africa, will only get worse.

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