June 17, 2006

My Neighbor

Last night was an interesting night.

A few nights ago, I took my daughter to the apartment complex swimming pool. While there, I met a woman and her daughter. They are originally from India, and have been in the United States for five years.

There are very few children in our apartment complex, and even fewer in the younger age ranges. So this lady's daughter was happy to meet my daughter, and to have the possibility of a playmate. I told them that any time they wanted they could come and play.

Last night, the lady came to the pool area again; this time my wife and daughter were with me and she brought her husband. I silently prayed to myself, "Lord, give me an opportunity to get to know these people. Give me an opportunity be a witness for You."

A little while later, I got out of the pool and sat down near the husband. We began talking and exchanging the standard pleasantries and questions. I have learned to approach the question, "What do you do?" with caution. Most people don't know what to do when they discover themselves unexpectedly talking to a pastor. I told him I worked for a church, and then told him some of the stuff we did. He asked whether they had children's activities. When I responded, "yes," He immediately asked, "What time and day?" I told him, and he said, "Sunday is good for us. We will be there at 9."

To be honest, I was shocked. It was too easy. I just came from a six year adventure in church planting where I couldn't drag people into church. I haven't been here six weeks, and I have someone who just told me, without any work on my part, that they were going to church.

It is amazing to me what God can do. I am still praying for the opportunity to continue reaching into this family's life. Not just to introduce them to Jesus, but also develop a true friendship.


  1. That's great Eric. Have you heard from Pete, Kim and the girls?

  2. I haven't heard much. Last I heard, they were still looking for jobs, Kim was getting her teaching certification, and Arianna was enjoying being around her cousins and the rest of the family.