June 1, 2006

Le Pew

I think the French were just ticked that an American beat them so badly in their own race. Armstrong is an amazing athlete who knew the value of his team. He won the Tour De France seven times, but he knows he couldn't have done it without his team.

Armstong cleared of doping charges: "Lance Armstrong called it a 'witch hunt' from the very beginning, saying a French newspaper used dubious evidence to accuse him of doping -- even charging that lab officials mishandled his samples and broke the rules.

According to a Dutch investigator's findings released Wednesday, he may have been right."

I think there is a lot to learn from cycling. Endurance is important. Teamwork is absolutely necessary. And one lapse in ethical behavior can destroy every ounce of respect.

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  1. And one unfounded rumor can virtually ruin a future (though in Lance's case, it didn't).