June 5, 2006

Falling For It Again?

I wonder if the Religious Right is going to fall for this ploy all over again. Immediately after winning the election, the Republican Party dropped all mention of a constitutional change. Now, because they are politically in need of votes, they are resurrecting the rally cry.

Where ever you fall on this, you have got to realize that this is a political ploy meant to turn Christian voters into pawns of a political party. And you can bet that both sides are going to play this political card to their advantage!

Gay-marriage ban back on agenda: "The Senate this week will debate a measure that everybody knows is doomed - a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage.

A waste of time? Not to its supporters. The purpose of debating the amendment now is not constitutional change. It is climate change - of the political variety.

The Republican Party's conservative base has grown increasingly angry over immigration and federal spending, adding to other problems that make 2006 a tough election year for the GOP.

And politicians in trouble always turn to their base."

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