June 2, 2006

Da Vinci Mistake

I think I agree with this guy!

The magazine for church business administrators and para church executives: The Church Report - Ministry Leader: 'Mistake' to Use Da Vinci Code for Evangelism Opportunity: "Rob Schenck of the National Clergy Council says much of that audience comes from churches that have encouraged their members to go see it. He believes that was not a good idea."

Now before anyone complains, "Don't you want your people conversant with their culture?" I say, first, Have you ever used conversant before? But, second, Yes, I want them to be conversant. The problem is that many Christians aren't educate in their understanding of the problems the movie is even counteracting.

I think rather than using The Da Vinci Code as a sermonic theme or encouraging their people to see, pastors should be preaching and teaching their people the foundational beliefs of the Christian faith in the first place. That way, when their people go see the movie, they are able to discuss the problems without resorting to such brilliant comebacks as: "Because the Bible says so!" Or, "That is wrong, let's boycott!"

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