June 15, 2006

Christian Rock

Here is a good review of Andrew Beaujon's new book at Christianity today: The Kingdom of Rock Is at Hand - Christianity Today Magazine

The author quotes Beaujon as saying, in regards to the constituency of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, "Advertising executives would slide naked down a splintery board to reach these people." Now that is imaginative prose. Talk about putting a word picture in your head!

Later in the article, the author again quotes Beaujon. "As impressed as he is with Crowder's performance, Beaujon doesn't appreciate what works about worship music until a moment in the concert when he notices—after initially not noticing—that Crowder has left the stage. The crowd still worships even after Crowder steps out of the spotlight. 'There was only one star at that evening's show,' writes Beaujon, 'and he hadn't been onstage at all.'"

Good article. And, the book looks like a good, honest attempt by an "outsider" to understand what makes Christian music "Christian."

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