June 20, 2006

Brian McLaren's Observations

Here is an article I have been holding on to for a little while. From my earliest days in theological study I have advocated a "tension" in theological reflection. It always seems that problems happen at the "extremes" of theological statement or in the "anti" positions that are often held.

Brian does an excellent job addressing some of the "problems" he sees. They may not be problems yet, but if left unaddressed they will soon become problems.

I think this article goes a long way in stating some "positions" for Brian. For most of his detractors, though, it will not be enough, or may even be ammunition for another attack. The article is long, but well worth the read.

Here's to living above the line (or as I like to say, holding things in tension)!

Brian McLaren: Emergent Reactions, Spring 2006: "All of these proposals can be put in terms of finding “above the line” solutions to reactions that tend to polarize people into binary positions “on the line.” (Many people will be familiar with this “above the line” concept from my book A New Kind of Christian.) Instead of mapping out a position at either end of us/them or either/or conflicts, or even choosing some moderate point in between poles, I propose that we seek higher ground in several specific areas."

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