June 1, 2006

The 50 most influential churches

Here are fifty churches from which we can learn a great deal. What is interesting is that they vary differently in style and ministry.

The magazine for church business administrators and para church executives: The Church Report - The 50 most influential churches: "The 2005 survey was sent to 2,000 church leaders with the goal of ranking the nation’s fastest growing churches and churches with more than 2,000 weekend attendance. The 127 churches nominated for the 50 Most Influential Churches survey were located in 32 states and represented 27 affiliation groups and/or denominations. The term affiliation is used to include networks of unaffiliated, independent churches."


  1. GO DAVE GO!!!

    (sorry, too much Vineyard blood in me huh?) LOLOL

  2. I was glad to see Cincy make it too. I didn't know if they would even be considered.