June 29, 2006

105 Years Old and Still Going

This man is 105 years old, and is still an active bowler. He says he is just dissapointed that more people in his age range are not still bowling. Umm....Someone needs to tell him there are no people in his age range.

I just hope I am able to be as active when I am his age. Only, I hope I find another sport, because I stink at bowling.

SI.com - More Sports - Centenarian can't see pins but bowls his age - Wednesday June 28, 2006 9:19PM: "Bowling isn't the only thing that gets Hargrove out of the house. Almost every Sunday, he makes the nearly 1 1/2-hour trip to Atlanta, where he lived for nearly 70 years, to attend Grace United Methodist Church. Until he was about 100, he made the drive on his own, but now gets a ride from his daughter or a friend. He is the church's oldest active member and is in charge of the ushers and greeters.

'Our present minister isn't going to see it any other way,' Hargrove said. 'I've had that job all these years, and he isn't going to relieve me of it, not while he's still there anyway.'"

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